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Handling and equipment

Industrial Technology Automation

Within automation, we carry out the design and development of special production lines for complex parts. For these lines, we use CNC control systems including digital drives, ensuring high dynamics in manufacturing processes and quick changeover capability. The possibilities of measuring and control stations are also significant, often replacing manual labor and guaranteeing one hundred percent control over produced parts.

We provide complete technical solutions from project planning to electrical supply and PLC programming.

Each project is tailored to your needs.

Manufacturing Line Automation

Line for automatic loading of cylindrical bodies into handling baskets. The manipulator removes machined pieces from the output of the IMAS 1723 machine and continuously places them into the basket. After the basket is filled, it is exchanged for an empty one, and the process continues. Full baskets are collected on the upper roller conveyor. A stock of empty baskets is located on the lower roller conveyor. The machine's base consists of a frame made of aluminum profiles, housing a vertical pneumatic manipulator, a three-axis electric loader, and an electro-pneumatic basket lifter. The machine is followed by a two-level roller conveyor with an electric drive. An electrical distribution panel and a compressed air station are located on the side of the aluminum frame.

Thanks to the installation of the manipulator, an unmanned workstation has been created.