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Difak s.r.o.

The company S.O.S. DIFAK, s.r.o. was founded in 1992 as a service company for repairs of foreign and domestic CNC machines. Initially, the company consisted of only a few employees who went out for service repairs to customers. Over time, the company gained experience in more complex repairs of machining equipment and began offering customers not only servicing of existing equipment but also the possibility of modernization - improving drives and systems. Gradually, we transitioned from smaller repairs to larger ones, both in terms of electrical components of machines and medium-scale mechanical repairs of machining equipment.

We now have a team of thirty-five employees with specialized qualifications and education for performing complex repairs of numerical machining machines and for the development of entire lines for machining parts including manipulators and robots. Currently, the greatest demand from customers is for performing general repairs on an exchange basis.

Other areas of our interest include modernization in the field of drive and control system replacements for machining equipment. Our customers also favorably utilize our service, which is at a high level and with extensive support of spare parts, which we are continually expanding.

Our further priority is machining precision parts on CNC machines. This includes milling, drilling, and turning parts. We also perform grinding on surface grinders including grinding diameters and holes.

Precision accuracy protocols from a 3D gauge can be provided for machined parts.

Video presentation of company S.O.S. Difak s.r.o.