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We perform overhauls both in our workshop in Slapy, as well as at the customer site. Within overhauls we provide replacement of machine mechanical components,  electrical parts and replacement of the control system. After a complete overhaul there is  a significant improvement in production on the machine. Especially,  the speed and precision of the machining increases, thanks to new parts and a new system that allows more options than the original one. After overhaul completing of the machine, we perform a full remeasure of the machine accuracy according to the protocol provided by the manufacturer. The customers receive that protokol during the machine handover.

Performing overhauls, we always try to meet customer requirements, such as installing a variety of improvements.


Machine part
In this part, we will repair the mechanical parts of the machine. We make exchange of ballscrews on the axes, repair or replacement of the lubricating and hydraulic unit of the machine. To achieve the required geometric precision, we scrape and regrind the machine guideways. We perform adjustments and corrections covers. On overhauled machines we apply a new coat of paint according to the customer requirements.


Electric part
We relized the exchange of all electric units on the machine including new engines and drives. We install new switchboards and control panels on the repared machines.

The replacement of the control system: The new control system produced by companies SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN is delivered during the overhaul, according to the customer requirements. We do not forget to complete the security features to meet today's stringent safety standards.

We provide a guarantee for realized overhault.