Machine-tools, forming and graduation Machines


To verify correct operation of your machine-tools we recommend to perform all measures determined by the machine manufacturer. Our firm has handled order and method of measurement of machine-tools. Basic measurements are based on protocols of precision of machine-tool manufacturers using Dr.Ing G. Schlesinger studies.

After machine measure, the protokol of the accurasy is issued containing the tolerance deviations, the method of measurement and inventory of used instruments. All measurements are performed according to valid DIN and EN.


We complement the classical geometry measuring method with the measuring method of Renishaw Ballbar when during the simultaneous movement of the  numerical axes (circular interpolation) can be comprehensively evaluate the behavior of mechanisms and drives (accuracy, backlash, squareness axis, dynamics drives starting from zero speed). These measurements can be performed at any of the feeds, so you can solve problems under the real conditions. The measurement protocols are delivered together with  computer-processed ones according to the methodology Renishaw.


Another more accurate measurement is performed by laser ML10 Gold Standard. That allows us to determine length, flat and angular axes very precisely. This measurement allows measuring of the  large machines with an accuracy of thousandths of  mm.

Balance rotating components up to 350 kg.